Who we are

Take a look inside Pakistan's Largest Public Limited energy group.

Company Profile

PSO is the nation’s leading energy company with a glorious history of fueling every sector of Pakistan’s economy since its inception in 1976. We energize people across the air, land, and sea with our fuel products & services.

Our History

Discover the story of PSO from its early beginning as POCL (Premier Oil Company Limited) to becoming Pakistan's largest and most innovative energy group.

Our Strategic Investments

Our strategic investments in storage, refining, aviation, lubricants, and pipeline businesses are based on a long-term strategy to ensure we continuously energize the nation.

Our Strategic Objectives

We aim to enrich the nation with cleaner energy solutions by adopting effective HSE, regulatory & legal compliance, ensuring an adequate supply chain, creating upstream synergy, and fulfilling social responsibility.

Our Leadership

Meet the leadership team who ensures that the PSO group fulfills its duty towards the nation so our customers can continue their journeys and the economy keeps moving.

Company Status, CRN & NTN

PSO is a Public Limited Company incorporated under the repealed Companies Act 1913 (now Companies Act, 2017) and listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited.

Membership Of Industry Association And Trade Bodies

PSO has been actively involved with the Industry Association & Trade Bodies and is recognized for its commitment to leadership, governance, customers, and social responsibility towards promoting and improving business conditions.

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