Code Of Conduct

Forward-looking companies can only thrive when they have an inspiring vision and an aspiring code of conduct. PSO’s code of conduct has been designed to help its people make the right decisions, stay true to the organizational goals, and envision the qualities the organization wishes to foster in its future leaders. 

People of the PSO Group are encouraged and appreciated to abide by the code of conduct to promote an energetic and constructive environment at the workplace.

To maintain decorum and ensure an ethical mode of work, PSO Group clearly defines unacceptable behavior upon which disciplinary action can be taken:

  • Habitual lack of punctuality
  • Unauthorized/habitual absenteeism
  • Unsatisfactory/negligent performance
  • Smoking at all PSO locations/offices
  • Breaking of safety regulations/HSE standards/policies
  • Breach of privacy and/or trust
  • Misusing confidential information/record
  • Falsification of records
  • Offering/accepting bribes/gifts
  • Intentional damage to company/ individual property
  • Reporting on duty drunk, drugged, or intoxicated
  • Activities bringing disrepute to the company
  • Use or possession of arms, explosives, alcohol, and drugs
  • Negligence causing loss to company's property(s)
  • Submission of fake/forged testimonial(s)/document(s) at the time or during employment
  • Bullying/intimidation/uncalled for behavior/mental and gender harassment
  • Giving illegal/unreasonable direction to others/misuse of authority
  • Using influence or external pressure in company affairs
  • Conduct that violates decency and morality
  • Theft of any of the properties/assets in/from PSO locations/offices
  • Habitual resting/sleeping in office timings
  • Violation of policies/SOPs
  • Discrimination based on caste, creed, religion & gender
  • Undue patronage/nepotism (favoritism)
  • Using office timings for personal use
  • Mishandling/misusing company resources and property
  • Involvement in criminal activity within PSO locations/ offices
  • Inappropriate public comment and/or rumor-mongering
  • Insubordination/failure to obey legitimate instructions
  • Non-disclosure of conflict of interest
  • Misappropriation,/misrepresentation of facts, fraud/financial embezzlement
  • Causing injury to person(s)/loss of life (a) deliberately and/or (b) due to negligence

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