PSO DEO 5000

PSO DEO 5000 - mono & multi-grade diesel engine oil is especially formulated to lubricate vehicles used in general transport to carry heavy goods, earth moving, quarrying and construction equipment, as well as for stationary diesel engines where API CF performance is required.

Product Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet

    • Cost effective oil with good all round performance
    • Suitable for use in light turbo-charged vehicles
    • Excellent resistance against oxidation
    • Good engine cleanliness with special detergent/dispersant properties
    • Good resistance against corrosion
    • Superior additive technology used in formulation of PSO DEO 5000 endorses the following performance standards:
    • API
    • CF/SF
    • Heavy goods vehicles in general transport
    • Construction and earthmoving equipment
    • Heavy duty mobile plant vehicle
    • Light trucks with diesel or gasoline engines
    • Stationary & mobile diesel generator sets

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