Our History

Discover our inspiring story behind PSO's transition into Pakistan's largest energy group.

The Formation of PSO is the Story of Back-to-back Mergers

We were en route the journey under the name of Premier Oil Company Limited (POCL) as the government merged PNO and Dawood Petroleum Limited.

We finally transformed into Pakistan State Oil (PSO) when POCL merged with SOCL in 1976. Discover the journey that helped us emerge as the largest Energy company in Pakistan..

Today, we are known as the PSO Group, which holds Pakistan Refinery Limited (PRL) with 63.6% shares and has major investments in related businesses in Pakistan.

PSO Group Rewind

  • 01

    January 1, 1974

    The federal government manages PNO (Pakistan National Oil) and DPL (Dawood Petroleum Limited). It gets renamed POCL (Premier Oil Company Limited) under the marketing of Petroleum Products (Federal Control Act, 1974).

  • 02

    June 3, 1974

    The government incorporates Petroleum Storage Development Corporation (PSDC).

  • 03

    August 23, 1976

    PSDC was renamed State Oil Company Limited (SOCL).

  • 04

    September 15, 1976

    The government purchases ESSO undertakings, and vests its control in SOCL.

  • 05

    December 30, 1976

    The government merges POCL (Premier Oil Company Limited) and SOCL (State Oil Company Limited) and renames it Pakistan State Oil Company Limited (PSOCL).

  • 06


    The new vision program is launched with the new logo of PSO.

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