Transformer Oil

PSO TRANSFORMER OIL is pure mineral hydrocarbon oil, specially refined and blended with selected base oils having properties of insulating coils of transformers, switches and circuit breakers; both electrically and thermally. The oil is refined in such a way that it imparts exceptional high oxidation and high resistance against gas formation.

The oil shows high degree of dielectric properties and resistance to power losses. Well-stabilized methods are used to control the quality of the oils in order to meet international specification standard and ensure maximum trouble free service.

Product Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet

    • High dielectric strength maintains the efficiency of the transformer
    • Excellent thermal conductivity dissipates the operational heat of the transformer’s components and keeps them cool to ensure the extended service life
    • Highly refined base oil with low-temperature properties and controls deposit and sludge formation provide extended lubricant service life and maintain transformer efficiency
    • Superior additive technology used in the formulation of PSO TRANSFORMER OIL endorses the following performance standard:
    • IEC 60296
    • An insulating cooling oil for electrical transformer, oil merged switchgear, circuit breaker, oil-filled capacitors, and tap changers

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