Synthetic SMO Gold

PSO Synthetic SMO Gold is blended with superior synthetic components, a high viscosity base oil and extreme pressure additives to cater to the requirements of heavily loaded large open gears and slow-moving mill house bearing applications. Environment-friendly lubricants applied to control bearing temperature with reduced oil consumption.

Product Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet

    • Synthetic ingredients of high viscosity index ensure smooth oil flow-ability at low temperatures and maintain viscosity at elevated temperature.
    • Excellent load carrying and extreme pressure handling properties maintain oil film strength.
    • Possesses high shear stability that reduces maintenance costs and increases bearing and gear service life.
    • Gives superior protection against bearing wear and tear by maintaining normal bearing temperature even under extreme operating conditions.
    • Excellent water resistance gives better corrosion resistance.
    • Tackiness additive in formulation supports reduced oil consumption.
    • Specially developed to meet lubrication requirements of slow-moving bearings of modern mills of the sugar industry, which require superior lubricants having high load carrying properties and effective bearing temperature control.
    • Perfect for lubrication of large open gears where total loss lubrication system is positioned – Synthetic SMO Gold has excellent stickiness properties and ensures oil adherence on rotating gears against the centrifugal force.

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