Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil


Introducing DEO MAX, Pakistan's first fully synthetic CK-4 Diesel Engine Oil that lengthens drain interval enhances engine life, and reduces emission.

DEO 8000

PSO’s DEO 8000 is an advanced heavy-duty diesel engine oil formulated with a hydro-finished base oil for high-level protection against soot-related viscosity in your vehicles.

DEO 6000

PSO DEO 6000 is a high-performance multi-grade heavy-duty diesel engine oil formulated for consumers that use high output and turbocharged engines.

DEO 5000

PSO DEO 5000 is a mono & multi-grade diesel engine oil formulated to lubricate consumers' vehicles used in transport, carrying heavy goods, construction equipment, and stationary diesel engines.

DEO 3000

PSO DEO 3000 is similar to DEO 5000 in terms of application. Manufactured with high-quality refined based oils, it fulfills the stringent requirements of medium-rated high-speed diesel engines.


A high-performance and high detergency lubricant was specially developed to meet the stringent requirement of high-speed diesel and petrol engines used by consumers in the agricultural industry.

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