Octane+ Euro 5

Introduction of Octane+ Euro 5 in Pakistan

Pakistan State Oil is the first energy company to introduce Euro 5, a world-class standard fuel for its customers in Pakistan. Octane+ Euro 5 is now available at selected PSO stations nationwide.

It is a fuel standard that helps reduce harmful vehicle emissions, which further minimizes the impact on our environment, thus benefitting the ecosystem while improving an engine's performance.

Octane+ Euro 5 Retails Outlets - PDF
  • Improves engine performance

  • Reduces vehicle/engine emissions

  • Creates a cleaner & greener environment for our future generations

  • Effective HSE compliance with steps taken to encourage the use of fuels that reduce carbon footprints

Enhanced Engine Performance

Lower sulfur content and fewer engine deposits enable enhanced vehicle performance and engine protection.

Cleaner & Greener Environment

Reduction in harmful emissions and pollutants such as volatile organic compounds and particulates ensure a healthy ecosystem.

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