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Widely acclaimed for its innovation and technology-driven initiatives, Pakistan State Oil, the nationwide leader amongst OMCs, revolutionized the concept of fueling through cards in the year 2002 with the introduction of 'PSO Cards'.

In July 2002, PSO introduced a novel concept in the country which entailed the rewarding of customers for their loyalty and patronage through the 'PSO Loyalty Card'. PSO changed the dynamics of vehicle-fuelling once again in February 2003 by launching fuel-based credit cards for business entities. These credit cards offered benefits such as added flexibility, convenience and time-saving.

The success story of PSO's Loyalty, Fleet & Corporate and Commercial Cards has been reinforced time and again by virtue of enriched customer experience and unparalleled customer-satisfaction.

In pursuit of continuous improvement and excellence, PSO has now launched the chip-based Smart Card format which is an upgraded technology offering a wide range of features and benefits. The launch of smart cards is yet another step in providing customers with a complete and secure Fuel Management Solution whereby fleet owners can manage their fuel expenses with reliability, convenience and ease.

Being the perfect solution for corporate entities and customers, PSO Smart Cards use Secure Chip Technology that provides customers with convenience, security and hassle-free transactions.

The PSO Smart Card enables organizations to track their fuelling expenses and also offers an added layer of security. Features such as Smart Chip Technology, encryption and other cryptography measures make it extremely difficult for unauthorized users to access, replicate or use customer information since the data now resides in the chip embedded on the PSO Smart Card.

Benefits of this new technology include:
  • Secure transactions
  • Economy in fuel expenditures
  • Reduction in administrative cost
  • Reduction in cash-handling
  • Facility of product selection as per business requirement

PSO SMS Alert Service
Stay updated on your fuel consumption 24/7 through PSO SMS Alert Service

PSO Fleet & Corporate Cards
Whether your fleet is large or small we are here to provide you tighter and better management of fuel expenses. Our corporate card allows you the ease of managing and controlling costs by providing fuel credit limits to your employees. Discover the benefits. Apply Now

Commercial Card
The 'PSO Commercial Card' is the best way to address your commercial fuelling requirements as it allows organizations to claim the input of Sales Tax with the FBR.

Reward Based Cards
Privilege loyalty cards us a unique PIN-based, step-up mileage card that enables the customers to earn and redeem loyalty points at any PSO station. Apply Now

Strategic Alliances
If fuel expenditure and car maintenance continue to burden your budgets, then PSO UBL Auto Credit Card is the perfect solution for you. The main highlights of the card are: 5% free fuel on transactions at PSO stations, discounts on tracking devices, discounted rates on car insurance etc.

  Customer Care
For any Card related query and complain kindly contact PSO Ta'aluq Careline at 0800-03000.

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